Contracts Public Works

The following contracts can help you plan new projects at your facility:

  • Lawrence Schools Fencing Contract
  • Nassau County Department of Public Works Chain Link Fence and Baseball Backstop Installation/Repair Contract #BPNC05000069
  • Nassau County School Districts Cooperative Bidding program 2008-2009
  • Town of Hempstead Building Department Fencing Contract

The above contracts cover:

- Chain Link Fence and Gates
- Pipe Railing
- Ornamental Ironwork
- Protective Pipe Bollards
- Guard Rail
- Vehicle Barrier Bates


- Backstop Installation and Repair
- Outfield Fencing
- Batting Cates
- Dugout Enclosures
- Team Benches
- Custom Height Protective Netting Fence


- Court Enclosures and Equipment

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Recent Projects

Metal Structure (1 of 2)


Metal Structure (2 of 2)


Chain Link Fence (1 of 2)


Chain Link Fence (2 of 2)


Entrance Gate (1 of 2)


Entrance Gate (2 of 2)


Handicapped Entrance (1 of 1)


Decorative Ironwork (1 of 1)


Guard Railing (1 of 2)


Guard Railing (2 of 2)


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Sports Field Equipment (1 of 2)


Sports Field Equipment (2 of 2)


Vehicle Barrier Gate (1 of 2)


Vehicle Barrier Gate (2 of 2)


Pipe Bollard (1 of 1)



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