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About Us

Island Fence Company has been family owned & operated business for over 60 years specializing in all phases of public works and residential projects.

We approach the design and fabrication of every job, large or small with the utmost efficiency and creativity. Our list of material and service suppliers, some being extremely unique and others with unusual capabilities, allow for efficiency and accuracy in formulating a bid or estimate.

We stand on our 60-year reputation of superior service. With our two Nassau County locations, we are promptly to any emergency situation that might arise and we will always offer the fairest price possible. | I am asking you this time through this email address in of getting some type of response, I feel like I am being ignored, please help me get a watch that is functional, I have already paid and I deserve a watch that. Also your picture of the watch I purchased had a green hologram on the back, and I was also expecting that, but that there either. I’m sorry to inform, the middle nob I now understand, but the bottom nob will not screw in and is loose, this part is broke, I know that this isn’t right, will you please send me that works.

Service is our Strength... Count on us to respond every time!

Recent Achievements

Some of our most recent achievements include:

  • Site Perimeter Security System development for the largest county-run Correctional Center in the country.
  • Consulted with county-employed civil engineers to develop specifications for required items using industry standards and specific engineering data.
  • Developed, successfully bid and managed a comprehensive chain link purchase program for a county division of New York State B.O.C.E.S. to serve its 56 public school districts.
  • Co-operative bid for fence projects offering the fairest price possible.


964 Front Street, Uniondale, NY 11553
Phone: (516) 481-2187
Fax: (516) 481-0289

Garden City Park

5 Tulip Place, Garden City Park, NY 11040
Phone: (516) 741-0880
Fax: (516) 741-0840